Friday, February 15, 2019

Gel Prints on Found Papers

I have been experimenting with making collage material by re-using existing papers. Newspapers, brown paper bags, magazine papers, and a discarded HUGE dictionary that someone left at the post office for the taking, have been my favorites.

One way I like to make collage papers is by gel printing. Here is a video about it. I will be teaching Monoprint Collage in Santa Fe this spring, and there are a few spaces available still. We will use the gel plate and other techniques for printing and painting collage papers, and then do and in-depth exploration of collage.

Sign up for the workshop here.


  1. The accidental image transfer you experienced has been popular lately - see

  2. Yes! Since I posted this I have gotten a couple of referrals to videos showing this. I am not particularly interested in using the magazine transfers for images - i.e. getting perfect and predictable transfers - but I'm excited about the possibilities for transforming type.


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