Sunday, February 17, 2019

Envelopes of Gorgeousness!!

Here are a few more collections of collage papers from the collage challenge. What a treat it is to open these envelopes. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Below are more collections of papers I have received. I am getting some very cool envelopes, as you will see, as well.

I particularly like the variety of black and white pieces in this collection.
LOVE that pattern of bright concentric circles at the top!
The little bit in the top right is a braille text, so it is textural.
This collection definitely has good variety!
As I receive these beautiful collections of collage paper, putting aside the ones that qualify most for the VARIETY requirement. It will be impossible to choose the "best" ones, because so many of them are excellent. I will choose a few from the group, and make collages for the "winners".

However, I am thinking of what I want to do with the rest of the papers. Of course, I would love to use them in my own work, but I'd like to share them as well. I could make groups of them into "collage sheets" for download. And/or I could make them into little re-arranged packets and send them out to you.

Please make suggestions in the comments section! And if you would like a packet of collage papers, re-sorted, send an SASE (regular letter amount of postage) to me at:

Jane Davies Studios
Collage Packet Request
PO Box 45
Rupert, VT  05768

I will send them out in early March, after I've posted the next Collage Challenge!

See the first Collage Challenge here, and please participate until the end of this month.


  1. I like your idea of downloaded "collage sheets". You have a great collection so far. So fun to see you open your envelopes!

    1. Well then, I will put together some collage sheets for download. I would really like to share these fabulous collections!

  2. So enjoyable seeing you open the envelopes. You are welcome to use the collage papers I sent (from UK) in works of your own, it will be fun trying to spot them. :-)

  3. I like the idea of collage sheets, too! It is so much fun to work with these papers.

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  5. I am loving this! So glad you are enjoying this, you share so much with all of us!!!! A Downloadable collage sheet would be fun of course. Patty

  6. I wonder if you could combine papers from different people and sort into downloadable sheet of high contrast, low contrast, interesting lines, black and white...etc. May be too cumbersome but could be visually interesting.

  7. I am loving seeing the variety you're getting. You are more than welcome to use any of mine in your work and downloadable sheets would be great.

  8. Here's a suggestion, a snowy morning musing - - - put a "curated" group of papers together for the next challenge culled from the papers you received for this Collage Challenge (no.1). Download it to your followers/challenge folk when you have time (monthly, quarterly). Donate the rest of the papers to the Rupert General Store and then price an envelope of randomly assorted papers at no less than...what $3, $5, Whatever an artist can afford$... (with SASE or recipient pays for additional postage)....Win/Win and time spent at J D studios becomes manageable....I doubt that anyone on your list - to whom you've been so gracious and helpful - would object. Just the opposite, I think everyone would love "to be a part" of Rupert.

  9. Or no designated price. or donation...Just an SASE. I'm sure this all gets a bit sticky, but your readership will come up with something. They always seem to be full of brilliance and ideas...S


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