Monday, February 27, 2017

Series of Texture Studies

I've been looking at visual texture, which is to say "implied" texture, or very shallow physical texture that is enhanced by paint.  Here is a series of studies that explore texture against flat color and line work.  The translucent paints, like the Quinacridone Gold I've used here, are great for getting texture.  Opaque colors like the white an bits of turquoise (not sure how I mixed that) are good for flat areas.  These are all 10"x10" (20x20cm), acrylic on paper.

Texture Study #1

Texture Study #2

Texture Study #4

Texture Study #6

Texture Study #7
Detail of Texture Study #7 above.  You can see that just the brush strokes of the previous layer offer a great opportunity for texture.  This is simply black paint applied to the surface, then wiped away.
Working in series like this is a great way to explore different options within a focused area.  I am teaching Series As Process, in which we take this approach, at Madeline Island School of the Arts in July.  Take a look here, and register soon, as there are only a few spaces available.

Friday, February 24, 2017

New Work At Edgewater Gallery

Thanks for all your suggestions on titles.  I am still waiting to hear from Kandis Horton, who supplied the title for this first piece.  These pieces are now available at Edgewater Gallery in Middlebury, VT. Works in the gallery are also available online.

Now Is The Time, 19"x25", acrylic on paper

Alternative Facts,
19"x25", acrylic on paper

Going Around in Circles,
19"x25", acrylic on paper

It Could Be Anywhere,
19"x25", acrylic on paper
Here are a couple of photos taken at Edgewater Gallery:
Art With Kayak

More Art With Kayak, Alligators, and Ceramic Vases

Art in the Corner
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Downloadable Coloring Page

I put this piece on my Facebook page, but it appears that people are having trouble getting the link to work.  I converted this image to a kind of line-work, but with some of the texture.  Download the coloring page here, print it out, and play with the colors using colored pencils or paint.

This is "Random Act #1", which is 19x25 on paper.

"Random Act #1" as a coloring page
On a scale of entertainment value, this might not be in your top ten, but a few people expressed interest, so here it is.  It is interesting to take a look at your own work using different Photoshop filters (I know, nobody used Photoshop anymore), just to get a different perspective.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


 This was really FUN, to hear (or read) all your fabulous ideas.  It's kind of a window into what YOU see in my work.  I also appreciated those of you who suggested ways of coming up with titles - the free writing, and web sites and poems.  Great suggestions, and I will do that as well.  I chose titles for the four works on paper, as I am bringing them to Edgewater Gallery later this week, framed (took me all afternoon, but they look great). 

Here are the titles I chose. 
Alternative Facts

"Going Around in Circles" (from Cynthia Mc)

"It Could Be Anywhere" (I can't find the source, but I think SOMEONE suggested it)

"Now's The Time" (from Kandis Horton)
So... could Cynthia Mc and Kandis Horton please e-mail me with your shipping address so I can send you a small piece of art work?  Thanks again for all of your participation!!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Titles: a Small Giveaway

Assigning titles to my work is always an adventure.  Occasionally titles just show up, and for these pieces I have some ideas, but I would be interested to hear your suggestions.  These are each 19.5"x25.5" acrylic on paper.  Please comment!  I will assign them numbers for reference:




Here is one more that could use a title.  It is 18"x24" on canvas:
Thanks for any suggestions you might have.  If I end up using your title suggestion, I will send you a small piece of original art!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Edgewater Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont

Edgewater Gallery is now carrying my work.  I am PSYCHED!  As I have had this gallery in mind as a potential venue for offering my work for sale.  They represent some awesome artists, in quite a range of styles. 
Recognize the work?  This is a section of "Stripes and Drips #2".
My work is at their Mill Street location; they have another location on Merchant's Row in Middlebury, and another in Bozeman, Montana. 

A few larger works on paper will be added to the collection; they are at the photographer's now.  Stay tuned, as I will be doing demonstrations, and possible short workshops here. If you are in Middlebury, drop by.  If not, check out the web site!