Tuesday, February 7, 2017


 This was really FUN, to hear (or read) all your fabulous ideas.  It's kind of a window into what YOU see in my work.  I also appreciated those of you who suggested ways of coming up with titles - the free writing, and web sites and poems.  Great suggestions, and I will do that as well.  I chose titles for the four works on paper, as I am bringing them to Edgewater Gallery later this week, framed (took me all afternoon, but they look great). 

Here are the titles I chose. 
Alternative Facts

"Going Around in Circles" (from Cynthia Mc)

"It Could Be Anywhere" (I can't find the source, but I think SOMEONE suggested it)

"Now's The Time" (from Kandis Horton)
So... could Cynthia Mc and Kandis Horton please e-mail me with your shipping address so I can send you a small piece of art work?  Thanks again for all of your participation!!

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  1. Great titles! I really like "Going Round in Circles".


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