Monday, February 6, 2017

Titles: a Small Giveaway

Assigning titles to my work is always an adventure.  Occasionally titles just show up, and for these pieces I have some ideas, but I would be interested to hear your suggestions.  These are each 19.5"x25.5" acrylic on paper.  Please comment!  I will assign them numbers for reference:




Here is one more that could use a title.  It is 18"x24" on canvas:
Thanks for any suggestions you might have.  If I end up using your title suggestion, I will send you a small piece of original art!


  1. 1 - Ice Cream
    2 - Kite Day
    3 - Sandy Beach
    4 - Summer Sunset
    5 - Sand Castle

    I sense a theme...:)

  2. 1. Best Foot Forward
    2.Keeping It Together
    3.Around The Bay
    4.Smoke On The Plains
    5.Bright Autumn

    This is fun!

  3. 1. Up, Up and Away
    2. Circus, Circus
    3. Fearless
    4. On the Edge
    5. Milestones

    I love your art and it was fun to come up with some titles, Jane.

  4. Hi Jane,
    I'm happy to help with titles anytime, it's fun.
    1.Resistance (The little guy pushing back against the big force)
    2.Merry Go Round
    3.Living up to expectations
    4.Summer on the coast
    5. Dancing in the piazza.

    Lovely works!

  5. 1. Popcorn
    2. Jail Bar Smile
    3. Cuppa Oranges
    4. In My Chair by the Window Looking Out at the Ocean
    5. Sowing Stones

  6. #5: Which Came First?
    #1: Morse Code (dots and dashes)
    #4: Biding My Time
    #3 Cookie Monster :) stripes look like teeth

    1. 1. BITTERSWEET (bitter lime swath/red sprinkles=bittersweet berries that last all winter)
      3. BITE ME
      5. CARRICKFERGUS (after Van Morrison song about the black stones)

  7. Series: The Writing's on the Wall

    #1, #2, #3, #4 and

    #5 Our Foundation is Solid

    Beautiful Jane!

  8. I love them all and couldn't decide on just one name for each so have two to offer!

    1. "Movie Night" or "Center Stage"
    2. "Poetic Dream" or "Finding Balance"
    3. "Table for One" or "Morning's Light"
    4. "Day at the Beach" or "Surfer's Dream"
    5. "Into the Mix" or "Shaky Foundation"

  9. Love your work. Your colors are spectacular!
    1. Whimsy
    2. Bursting at the Seams
    3. Forming Ideas
    4. Incoming Clouds
    5. A Penny for your Thoughts

  10. 1. Up, up and away 2. Smile 3. I see you 4. Seaside 5 Fish in a pond
    I have been wanting to take one of your classes for eons, but you are always so far away -- you did come to Michigan, but the class was filled before I tried to sign up--have you ever done a full online class - maybe 4 hours or more of content?

  11. I don't title my abstracts right away. Once my family and friends make comments about a painting, I choose the title I like.

    1. Eating On The Patio 2. The Puppet Show 3. Fields Of Corn 4. Red October At The Lofts 5. The Ceramic Studio

  12. 1. Misty morning
    2. Fiesta
    3. Reflection
    4. In the heat of the day
    5. Adventure
    Kind regards,
    Sheila Byrne

  13. Love the art work.
    1. May the Force Be with You.
    2. Island Colors.
    3. Windows to Your Soul.
    4. Beach Dreams.
    5. Dancing Pathways.

  14. 1. Finish Line
    2. Garden Party
    3. Cascade
    4. Picnic Table
    5. Cul de Sac

    Nice works! Fun stuff!

  15. 1. Ice cream and peppermint
    2. Cheshire Cat
    3. Corn Harvest and Resting Fields
    4. (nothing, sorry)
    5. Circle Dance

  16. 1. Juxtaposed. 2. Afloat. 3. Amassed. 4. Frontier. 5. Germination.

  17. 1. Cirque de Surreal
    2. Circling the wagons
    3. Now I lay me down to sleep
    4. Cliffhanger
    5. Coffee's ready.

  18. 1. sprinkles on the ice cream
    2. running with a happy smile
    3. landing pass the wheat fields
    4. the sky's happy tonight
    5. coffee beans

  19. 1. What a beautiful view
    2. Inside out
    3. Goodnight
    4. Ocean view
    5. In the garden

  20. Love, love your paintings and have learned so much from your videos and blogposts.

    I've been to the Norwegian artist Irma Salo Jaeger's exhibit, and she had wrotten a poem and asigned each painting a line (part of the exhibit).

    1. Tasting lemon
    2. On a summer's day
    3. Early morning
    4. Sour, bittersweet
    5. My love and I

    Tara Leaver has written a huge blogpost on how to come up woth names, last month:

  21. 1 - Corner Bakery Café
    2 - Inside Out
    3 - Memories
    4 - Sunday Morning
    5 - Wild Grapes

  22. 1. up in the air 2. wildflowers 3. field of dandelions 4. mist over the mountains 5. leaves

  23. My suggestions: 1. the neighbor 2. cheshire smiling 3. bird's eye view 4. a view from the red barn 5. inside the pond
    I hope you enjoy our replies and thanks for the chance to contemplate some beautiful art!!

  24. hello Jane
    These look urban to me - 1. Bus Stop 2. Inner Section 3. Down the Alley 4. Viewpoint 5. Cafe on the Plaza

    They are lovely... back to my paintings! Best to you from the snowy west coast

  25. It's really hard to name someone else's work...but here are my attempts...

    1. Splashdown
    2. Effervescent
    3. A bridge too far
    4. Resist (okay, one had to be political)
    5. Ovoid

  26. 1. Brain Fog
    2. Smile
    3. Midday
    4. Red Pool
    5. Hatch

    I really enjoy seeing your work, and I hope one day to take a workshop with you!

  27. This looks like a series of "Land Marks in Red" Each one the focus is red and just reminds me of a building of some sort. 1. Peeking over the fence 2. Red post box 3. Your are here 4. Roof top 5. Red pond Love your work :)

  28. So many creative minds and perceptions. Love this game! Here is my titles:
    1) Skylight - Window to the Sky;
    2) Seeding Earth;
    3) Forest's Edge;
    4) Hot Dance Floor;
    5) Cooling Pool.
    Thank You,

  29. 1. Brunch at dawn
    2. Sundea
    3. High tea
    4. Happy hour

  30. I like words that do not assign meaning to the visuals. Our brains automatically strive to see images and patterns and people look to titles to help give them clues. They should be free to make their own associations. So I would use these slightly amorphous words interchangeably for any of the works. Pool, Center, Daylight, Midday, Incubator, Germination, Tickle, Thaw, Stream, Wash, Breeze, Pale, Emerge

  31. hi jane...just a thought for future reference re titles for your a poet, i finish a poem, go back into it and find my title...perhaps you might like to take your titles from a fragment or a word of a poem...preferably written by women...totally unrelated visually but gut instinct-related to you on reading. if you need a list, happy to oblige.

  32. 1. Along the Hilltop Edge
    2. Libretto
    3. Sea Rider
    4. Now's the time
    5. An Invitation

  33. 1.Juicy
    2. The Wink
    3. From a plane
    4.The Fog
    5.My favorite dance

  34. 1. Paper Candy
    2. Play Mail
    3. Sofa Train
    4. Desert Farewell
    5. Seeds of Time
    Gorgeous art, Jane! Fun Giveaway!

  35. 1. The Pleasure of Popcorn
    2. The Zoo Awakens
    3. Summer Morning Walk
    4. Harbouring Courage
    5. Filling The Spaces Between

    Reminds me of the board game called "Dixit" naming pictures.

  36. 1) Like toy soldiers
    2) Continental drift
    3) Maestro
    4) The indelible moment
    5) Paving the way

  37. 1. Morning Descends
    2. Thinking Ahead
    3. Emerald City
    4. Swimming Upstream
    5. Will We Go Round in Circles

  38. Jane, Your work is beautiful.
    1. Releasing Inhibitions
    2. Strawberry Shortcake
    3. Windows to my soul
    4. Zephyr
    5. Pebbles on St. Croix

  39. 1 peek a boo
    2 Cheese
    3 Need Waze
    4 Reflection
    5 Busing about

  40. 1. Fairground
    2. Waltz
    3. Mediterranean Sun
    4. Volcano
    5. Threshold

  41. Tricky to name for another (not knowing what YOU see & feel) but freeing & fun to do!
    1. The circus closes
    2. Mini flash mob
    3. Fitting contrast
    4. A calm tomorrow
    5. Hill of beans & such

  42. 1 and 3 -- Landform 1 and Landform 3
    2 -- Collected Memories
    4 -- Virga
    5 -- Digging Deep

    The first and third ones remind me of land patterns as seen from the air. Looking forward to your workshop in August.

  43. 1. Movie Obsession
    2. Boardwalk Fun
    3. Across The Bay
    4. A Lifeguards Perspectine
    5. Sowing the Seeds

  44. Jane,
    If you want an endless source of more obtuse titles, I can make a suggestion. I have a couple of blogs or websites where a few words from a sentence can provide a title. Title Example - The Color of Urgency from Krista Tippet.
    Can be a educational site like , or a more spiritual site like or sometimes punny

  45. 1,grandma's linens
    5,my choice

  46. 1. Juicy
    2. Fan Girl
    3. Location, Location, Location
    4. Anti-Comfort Zone
    5. It's Complicated

  47. I recently heard an artist say that he names his paintings before he starts them and when it starts looking like the name, he knows it's finished. Naming my paintings is the hardest part for me so I found that interesting.

  48. 1. Astronomy
    2. Turmoil
    3. Aerial
    4. Poppy
    5. Circuit

  49. 1-Happy Fall Out
    3-Upon Waking
    4-Dock View
    5-Morning Rush

  50. Sit and write a paragraph free thinking-simply writing anything that comes to mind. Then go back through and circle the words that pop out, have meaning, speak to your soul. It is amazing what your subconscious reveals and combining the words creates an unexpected juxtaposition of words that doesn't feel contrived or trite. is fun!

  51. Sometimes I just go with the first word or thought that comes into my head. Sometimes I change it after a few months if it really doesn't sit well!
    1. Circus Circus
    2. Rejuvenation
    3. Squared Off
    4. Risen/Rise
    5. Seedlings

  52. 1) Movie Night (someone else suggested it, and I like it.)
    2) Spilling Over
    3) Up to the Edge
    4) Red Dock
    5) Skipping Stones

  53. I sometimes find that titles just come to me when I look at a painting but sometimes I completely draw a blank. Here are my suggestions:
    1. Drive in Movie
    2. Punch and Judy (not sure if you have that in the US!)
    3. ..nothing coming to me...
    4. Combine Harvester
    5. Day at the Park

    3. a SPOT OF RED
    4. cLIFFSIDE
    5. BLOCKS

  55. 1. Splat!!!
    2. Here's grinning at you!
    3. Building Blocks
    4. One Striped Angelfish
    5. Look Out For Falling Rocks

  56. 1. Splash
    2. Emerging
    3. Portrayal
    4. Wind
    5. Patio

  57. 1. And then there were four
    2.From the inside

  58. 1-surprise 2- relate 3- sunrise 4- obsess and I didn't find anything for that last one! They re all so wonderful but I love #2!

  59. 1. Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
    2. And The Ideas Keep Coming...
    3. Land Ho!
    4. Vision Quest
    5.No Way Out or Decisions, Decisions

  60. 1.Under a Square Moon
    or 1. Square Dance

    2. Red Weather Blue
    or 2. Hopscotch

    3. Foundation

    4. The Sky Above

    5. A Stone's Throw
    or 5. Seeds


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