Friday, October 26, 2018

New Video Series

Finally, I've finished my new series of videos on making collage papers. Here is a preview:

Stowe October, 9x12

What Else? 10x10

White Dots 9x12

Pink Collage 9x12
In this series of sixteen videos you will learn a whole new vocabulary of techniques for creating your own collage papers, including making your own stamps and stencils, spattering and dripping High Flow paint, staining tissue paper, altering printed text, using oil pastel, and much more. 

Making collage papers that are uniquely yours is a great way to engage with your materials, explore pattern, and discover new color combinations. Each video is all new, original, material. All the techniques are accessible to beginners through advanced painters. 

Buy it here. It's $29.95

Friday, October 12, 2018

Suggestions for New Workshops?

What are your biggest challenges in your art practice?
When looking for a workshop to take, what are your highest priorities?
What are the main things you want to get out of a workshop?

I am always thinking about possibilities for new workshop topics or formats, and your input would be super helpful. Are there particular topics you would like me to address in an online workshop?  As downloadable content? Or in a live workshop?

How about a live workshop preceded by an online forum? That is, about a month before a scheduled in-person workshop, everyone who is signed up gets together in an online forum to share work, meet and greet, and do some preliminary "assignments" or projects to prepare for the live workshop.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions. What have you been doing in your studio lately?