Wednesday, September 24, 2014

6"x6" @ $66

North Country Studio Workshops is holding a fundraiser that consists of over 100 pieces of donated art, all 6"x6", on sale for $66 a piece.  I've written about my experiences at NCSW here, here, and here.  They hold five-day intensive workshops in January, every second year.  They get FABULOUS faculty, and the students are largely professional or serious amateur artists trying a new medium.  Most of the workshops are in craft media - ceramics, fiber, book arts, etc. - and there is usually a drawing workshop and one in photography as well.  January of 2016 is the next offering, and I will definitely be attending. 

Here are three pieces done in this layering-and-scratching-through technique that I love.  Two of them are in the NCSW fundraiser sale.  Part of the fundraiser is that the artist buys the 6"x6" panels for $5 each.  I only bought two; wish I'd gotten three. 

This is the one I did not donate, because I only had two panels.

All three of these start with two coats of intense Pyrrole Red paint. Then I layer neutrals and a bit of color over that, and scrape through.  We do these techniques in several of my workshops.
Apparently there will be a link to the 6"x6" show on October 6th, so I will share that with you at that time.  Meanwhile, check out NCSW

Monday, September 22, 2014

Progress on the Works in Progress

I did little updates to the 9"x12" paintings I started on Friday.  I don't know if they are finished yet, but I thought I'd share what I have.  I'm posting each piece followed by a sequence image that includes its previous stage, in my previous post.

The above actually started here.  It was one of my speed paintings.

These 9"x12" pieces done on cheap drawing paper are sort of like Big Fat Art, but on a different scale.  My Big Fat Art Weekend, which takes place March 27 - 29, 2015, is now open for registration.  There are only eight spaces available.  100 Drawings on Cheap Paper is being offered again next September, and that is open for registration.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Back in the Studio - Works in Progress

My studio is in transition right now, so I'm a bit limited.  It's always fun to work in the 9"x12" pieces, on the cheap drawing paper.  You can see previous posts on this "100 Drawings" idea here, here, and here.  And here and here.

I found some really great greens by mixing Indian Yellow Hue with a little black, also with Manganese Blue Hue and Cerulean Blue.  A little Naples Yellow is in there, and some Pthalo Turquoise.  And of course white.  I also used a bit of Payne's Gray and Anthriquinone Blue.  See my Favorite Materials page for my favorite paints. 

These are all just "starts".  Many of them started on paper I had used to blot paint, or use up excess paint.  NONE of them is to be considered a finished piece.  I'll work on them more and post the results of whichever ones speak to me. 

As you may know, I'm offering a new ten-week online course in January, called "100 Drawings on Cheap Paper".  It filled REALLY fast, so I am offering it again starting September 9.  I know that is almost a year from now, but I thought I'd give you a heads up.  There are other online courses in the meantime that are NOT full, and whether you take one of mine or work on your own, I highly recommend getting a ream of this cheap drawing paper and just putting some marks on it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Few More From Whidbey

This is a continuation of my previous post about my Big Fat Art workshop on Whidbey Isalnd.  Here are a few more pix:
Alyssa's work in progress

Alyssa's Stripes

Barb's piece in progress

Cher painting

Jarina's piece in progress

Jeanette with brayer

Lindsey's first layer, 22"x30"

Liz, Painting

Liz, painting more

Lucie's work in progress, 22"x30"

Lucie's Painting Starts (partial)

My work in progress, 22"x30"

My Stripes, in progress, 22"x30"

Paula's work in progress

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fabulous Post from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Look at THIS. Great list of things you should give up in order to be happy with your art.  Awesome post from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer!  There.  That's it. Short post.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Big Fat Art on Whidbey Island

Just a quick post to give you a little window into what we're doing in Big Fat Art at the Pacific Northwest Art School.  I a fabulous group of pretty experienced artists, including several very accomplished textile artists:  Liz Axford, Barbara Napom, Cher Cartwright, and Jarina Moss.  You may be familiar with them already, but if not, check out their sites.

The following are all works in progress from weird angles (my bad photography).

Love the pattern on the left overlapping the big tomato colored shape.

This is a pile of pieces.

There are two spaces left in my Big Fat Art workshop at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach.  And five spaces left in Art Therapy for your Inner Critic, which Cher suggested we call "Silent Retreat for Your Inner Critic".  The gist is similar to Big Fat Art, but the exercises are a bit different.  Same message, different medium.  All FUN!