Friday, September 19, 2014

Back in the Studio - Works in Progress

My studio is in transition right now, so I'm a bit limited.  It's always fun to work in the 9"x12" pieces, on the cheap drawing paper.  You can see previous posts on this "100 Drawings" idea here, here, and here.  And here and here.

I found some really great greens by mixing Indian Yellow Hue with a little black, also with Manganese Blue Hue and Cerulean Blue.  A little Naples Yellow is in there, and some Pthalo Turquoise.  And of course white.  I also used a bit of Payne's Gray and Anthriquinone Blue.  See my Favorite Materials page for my favorite paints. 

These are all just "starts".  Many of them started on paper I had used to blot paint, or use up excess paint.  NONE of them is to be considered a finished piece.  I'll work on them more and post the results of whichever ones speak to me. 

As you may know, I'm offering a new ten-week online course in January, called "100 Drawings on Cheap Paper".  It filled REALLY fast, so I am offering it again starting September 9.  I know that is almost a year from now, but I thought I'd give you a heads up.  There are other online courses in the meantime that are NOT full, and whether you take one of mine or work on your own, I highly recommend getting a ream of this cheap drawing paper and just putting some marks on it.


  1. Ah! Colour, rhythm, balance - I look forward to seeing how these develop.

  2. Hope I'm still on the list for 100 drawings. LOVE these.


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