Monday, March 31, 2014

Big Fat Art Weekend

We just had our Big Fat Art Weekend here in Rupert, Vermont; here is a little video and some photos:

Lu working

Jessica's piece. Check out Jessica's blog.

Judy with one of her pieces.  See her blog.

Work in progress from Linda

Work in progress from Wendy
Karen working

Sharon's work in progress
One of my demo pieces, maybe finished

My demo piece, definitely still in process

My demo piece, in process

I will be teaching a four-day Big Fat Art workshop at Pacific Northwest Art School on Whidbey Island in September, and a one-day Big Fat Art workshop at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach in October.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Art and Soul Kansas City

For an event that was threatening to cancel, Art and Soul in Kansas City (actually Excelsior Springs) was HUGELY successful!  I taught five classes in a beautiful carriage house  a little apart from the hotel, but still convenient.  I felt so well taken care of by the people who took my classes, the Art and Soul staff, and the hotel staff, it made it extremely enjoyable.  THANK YOU for making this a really great teaching experience.  The weather didn't hurt either - 70's and sunny.  Here is a little eye candy, student work from my classes.  All are student work, except where noted.  I did teach five classes, but got the best pictures from Abstract Landscape and Stencils and Masks.  More to come.

Abstract Landscape

Abstract Landscape

Abstract Landscape

Stencils and Masks - my demo piece (one of them)

Stencils and Masks

Stencils and Masks

Stencils and Masks

Stencils and Masks

Stencils and Masks

Stencils and Masks

Stencils and Masks
Here is one thing we did in the postcard workshop:  work on 8"x12", and cut to four 4"x6" postcards:

My demo for 8"x12"
The postcards I got from the above piece

Student work, 8"x12"

Student work, 8"x12"

Next up is Art and Soul in Portland, Oregon, April 7 - 13. 
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Reclaim Your Creative Freedom

My workshop this year at The Omega Institute is called "Reclaim Your Creative Freedom:  Expressive Abstract Painting and Collage".  Long name, but it fits the workshop, which just recently opened for registration.  July 6 - 11 are the dates.  See my own web page about it here, as it has a little more information.  As with all my longer workshops this year (Whidbey Island, Santa Fe, Whidbey Island again), we will emphasize working in series, and focusing on process.

Collage Journeys, 2013
Ashley Working

Emily Working

Me demonstrating at Collage Journeys 2013

Trying to be taller at Omega, 2013

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Big Fat Art at AVA

Here is a little video and some pictures from my Big Fat Art classes at AVA during this last week.  See a full description of Big Fat Art here or here.  Though my Big Fat Art Weekend is full, I am offering a four-day Big Fat Art workshop at Pacific Northwest Art School in September. 

 I see that YouTube dropped the last frame of my video.  Here it is:
Last frame of video, missing for some reason...

Here are pictures from AVA last Friday and yesterday:
Emily Mitchell's work; see her web site.

student work

student work

student work

Ashley working

student work

my demo piece

another demo piece

Mavis, Martha, and Catherine (l to r)
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Notes from the studio in March

Just wanted to show you what I've been doing in my studio.  I'm starting with making marks in graphite and sometimes ink, and then painting over them using various techniques and tools.  These are all "starts", works in progress.  They are all 20"x20".


2  In this one I used the deli paper transfer technique I showed you in an earlier post.


4 In this one I used some of the scraping technique shown here.

5 This one might be done.

6 This one might be done too, but I'm going to wreck it anyway.
The following three are drawings similar to the above, but painted over in oils.  See my previous post on this, which lists materials and sources.
This one is definitely still in procress.

Also, definitely still in process

Another in process

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