Saturday, November 17, 2018

Prints and Transfers

I teach a workshop called "Monoprint Collage" in which we explore gel plate printing techniques along with collage. For this spring's edition of Monoprint Collage, in Santa Fe, I will be including some deli paper transfer techniques. The video below shows just one of the fun ways you can use deli paper as a printing plate and transfer paper.

Deli paper blobs, scribbles

Deli paper blobs, graphite scribbles

Deli paper blobs, line transfers, scribbles

Deli paper blobs, scribbles, and collage

Friday, November 9, 2018

Kitchen Table Art

Here are a few sketchbook pages I have done at my kitchen table, with "dry" materials: tempera sticks, gel pens, paint markers, crayons, and collage with a glue stick.

Here is my Kitchen Table Art Supply List.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Big Fat Art Weekend Opening

Due to a cancellation, there is one spot open in my Big Fat Art Weekend in Stowe, VT, coming up November 9 - 11.  What is Big Fat Art?
Big Fat Art is a state of mind rather than a specific kind of art.  It is all about loosening up and getting past the thinking/evaluating zone and into the creative spontaneous one, where you can be freely expressive.  Ditch the inhibitions, relax, and have fun playing with paint! Read more here.
Disclaimer: it is easier said than done, getting out of the stuck place and into a freedom of expression.  In Big Fat Art we do specific exercises - such as speed-painting, five-minute painting, painting to a recipe or formula (six of these, one of those type of thing) - that keep us moving forward, and give us tools for getting, and staying, un-stuck.

Call Helen Day Art Center at 802-253-8358

Or e-mail Danielle at

The following video shows clips from a previous Big Fat Art workshop.