Saturday, November 17, 2018

Prints and Transfers

I teach a workshop called "Monoprint Collage" in which we explore gel plate printing techniques along with collage. For this spring's edition of Monoprint Collage, in Santa Fe, I will be including some deli paper transfer techniques. The video below shows just one of the fun ways you can use deli paper as a printing plate and transfer paper.

Deli paper blobs, scribbles

Deli paper blobs, graphite scribbles

Deli paper blobs, line transfers, scribbles

Deli paper blobs, scribbles, and collage


  1. where did you get such big deli sheets?

  2. Awesome demo! So many techniques in 5 minutes. Thank you Jane.

  3. Wonderful as always. Thanks again for great ideas!

  4. Wonderful and inspiring, and so doable. Thank you for your generous sharing with us..

  5. What fun! Looking forward to giving this a go, thanks.......

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