Sunday, November 4, 2018

Big Fat Art Weekend Opening

Due to a cancellation, there is one spot open in my Big Fat Art Weekend in Stowe, VT, coming up November 9 - 11.  What is Big Fat Art?
Big Fat Art is a state of mind rather than a specific kind of art.  It is all about loosening up and getting past the thinking/evaluating zone and into the creative spontaneous one, where you can be freely expressive.  Ditch the inhibitions, relax, and have fun playing with paint! Read more here.
Disclaimer: it is easier said than done, getting out of the stuck place and into a freedom of expression.  In Big Fat Art we do specific exercises - such as speed-painting, five-minute painting, painting to a recipe or formula (six of these, one of those type of thing) - that keep us moving forward, and give us tools for getting, and staying, un-stuck.

Call Helen Day Art Center at 802-253-8358

Or e-mail Danielle at

The following video shows clips from a previous Big Fat Art workshop.

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