Monday, September 30, 2013

Back from OMega

Well now I'm totally blissed out, having spent five days at The Omega Institute in the Hudson Valley, where I was teaching "Expressive Collage and Painting".  What a fabulous group of women (yes, they were all women) I had in my class!!  The environment of Omega is so totally in line with what I teach in my art workshops, and the staff and faculty support were so accommodating, that it was indeed an honor and a pleasure to teach there.  Omega offers a wide variety of workshops to nurture your soul, or you can just go there for a little getaway or personal retreat with R & R.

Here is a bit of totally unedited video of the workshop.  Out of respect for the participants, I included only myself on the hoola-hoop (those of you who were in the workshop will get the full version).

And here are a few photos, taken by my fabulous assistant, Lu:

Anne, who is a workshop facilitator herself in "process art", with me pestering her


Genny again, with her gorgeous work

Me with the group

Sandy working
And here are a few photos from Omega's web site:

Relaxing under a tree

Reading in the library

Dining on the porch

Tai Chi by the lake

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Rowe Center in January

If you saw my recent post on The Rowe Center, you are aware that I am offering a workshop there in January, called "True  Colors: A Collage Studio Adventure".  I promised you a little video, and here it is:
  I'm delighted to offer this creative kick off to the new year!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Big Fat Art Weekend

I've posted a few times about Big Fat Art, and thought it's time I offered a Big Fat Art workshop.  First, here are a few pix of my latest Big Fat Art pieces, some in process, some finished.








What IS Big Fat Art anyway?  Here is a description:

Big Fat Art is a state of mind rather than a specific kind of art.  It is all about loosening up and getting past the thinking/evaluating zone and into the creative spontaneous one, where you can be freely expressive.  Ditch the inhibitions, relax, and have fun playing with paint!

Read the full description or register for the workshop here.  
Interested in a shorter Big Fat Art workshop?  I'm teaching a one-day version at AVA Gallery in Lebanon, NH on March 7.  A longer one?  Come for a four-day Big Fat Art workshop at Pacific Northwest Art School in Coupeville, Washington on beautiful Whidbey Island, September 8 - 11, 2014.  

Come on over to The Sketchbook Challenge blog to see a video of me working on the above Big Fat Art, with a little explanation of how it fits into this month's theme, Houses and Hideaways.  This is part of a Sketchbook Challenge blog hop, so be sure to check out the other posts!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer Camp in Winter

I am teaching a weekend of painting and collage at The Rowe Center, in Rowe, MA this coming January 3rd - 5th.  Since Rowe is not too far away from where I live in Vermont, I thought I'd take a trip there to see what it's like.  WOW!  It is an absolutely magical place, with a cozy, rustic, and totally peaceful atmosphere.  The campus is gorgeous, with hiking trails and a lake nearby; the accommodations are comfortable and welcoming; the food is great (we had lunch there by the lake); and the community is warm and generous.  I took some video while I was there, and will share that once I get it put together.  Meanwhile, take a look at a few pix.

I took these ones:
A cairn in the woods

I wonder what this meeting place looks like in winter.

An example of the housing
 And here are a few that I took from the Rowe web site:
In summer

In winter

The building where my workshop will be held

The lake

Register for my workshop here.  BOOK EARLY to get the best choice of housing.  Even though Rowe is "out in the sticks", the roads leading there are well maintained, so getting there should be no problem in the winter.