Monday, September 30, 2013

Back from OMega

Well now I'm totally blissed out, having spent five days at The Omega Institute in the Hudson Valley, where I was teaching "Expressive Collage and Painting".  What a fabulous group of women (yes, they were all women) I had in my class!!  The environment of Omega is so totally in line with what I teach in my art workshops, and the staff and faculty support were so accommodating, that it was indeed an honor and a pleasure to teach there.  Omega offers a wide variety of workshops to nurture your soul, or you can just go there for a little getaway or personal retreat with R & R.

Here is a bit of totally unedited video of the workshop.  Out of respect for the participants, I included only myself on the hoola-hoop (those of you who were in the workshop will get the full version).

And here are a few photos, taken by my fabulous assistant, Lu:

Anne, who is a workshop facilitator herself in "process art", with me pestering her


Genny again, with her gorgeous work

Me with the group

Sandy working
And here are a few photos from Omega's web site:

Relaxing under a tree

Reading in the library

Dining on the porch

Tai Chi by the lake


  1. Online workshops 2014? I've tried various different ways to access your link to your workshops but the page never opens. Are updating it or something? I'll try again later - just a heads up

    1. Try this link:
      The only ones I have scheduled for 2014 so far are Extreme Composition, Jan 8, and Sketchbook Practice, March 5. I will also be scheduling Color, Composition, and Text and Image later in the year. On the page I do not list them in order of date. Thanks for your interest!

  2. You look as though you love teaching almost as much as your students enjoyed creating! Lucky them, lucky you. Have a great week.

  3. What an amazing week! I learned so much from Jane and from the others in the class. We were challenged with each assignment and we learned to free ourselves from needing to finish pieces. Jane is a creative, engaging teacher who has unending energy and passion for art.

  4. looks like such wonderful surroundings and an equally fab workshop series!!

  5. You do bring out the best in your students!

  6. Looks awesome, what a terrific place. I am sure they loved having you Jane.

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