Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Rowe Center in January

If you saw my recent post on The Rowe Center, you are aware that I am offering a workshop there in January, called "True  Colors: A Collage Studio Adventure".  I promised you a little video, and here it is:
  I'm delighted to offer this creative kick off to the new year!


  1. Beautiful work. What lb paper do you use to paint on and put in collages?

  2. Oh you are going to have such a fun time at Rowe! And do I LOVE seeing my paper on your video. ha ha

  3. Gorgeous and exciting art. I love it. I SO wish I could make a trip to my beloved New England to attend the class but alas, one has to make compromises. So, I especially appreciate your videos and photos of the art your students make.


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