Monday, January 28, 2013

The Post Office

As many of you may know, I own the post office in my small town of Rupert, Vermont.  It is one of the smallest, and definitely the cutest, post office in the state, and probably in the country.  It just missed the small post office closures by the skin of it's little postal teeth, but they are cutting the hours it will be open.  The postal service will review the activity at our post office annually, and decide what to do with it: restore the "normal" hours, close it, cut back the hours even more, etc.  The two things that make a difference to The Postal Powers That Be are (A) revenue, the amount of money the PO brings in via stamp sales and package shipping, and (B) - and this is where you come in - the VOLUME of mail that it handles.

So, in an attempt to (A) increase the volume of mail that comes through my little post office, and (B) to do something really FUN, I'm proposing the following:
  • YOU send me an art postcard. It can be original handmade, or a photocopy of something you've made. Print your name and address clearly on the card.
    • Mail to: Jane Davies, PO Box 45, Rupert, VT  05768
  • I  send YOU a postcard, handmade.  I don't promise it will be something you want to frame, but it will be original.  I will send postcards to the first 200 respondents.
  • I will post ALL the post cards I receive on this blog.  On each card I will indicate the name of its creator and the place from whence it came.  If the volume is overwhelming, I'll open a separate blog just for the cards.  If nobody sends me a card, I will be sad and our post mistress will be out of a good time, and eventually a job.
Below are a few samples of the cards that I will send.  Each is approximately 4"x6":

Here is a little video of the post office in action.  Well, at lunch break when the post mistress is out:

See the Postcard Gallery here.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Art and Soul In Kansas City!!

This April, 3 - 6, for the first time Art and Soul will be offering a retreat just outside Kansas City.  I am delighted to be offering the following workshops:

Wednesday, April 3, 6 - 9 pm, Mini-Collage: On and Off The Grid

Thursday, April 4, 9 - 4:30, Fabric-Paper Collage
Friday, April 5, 9 - 4:30, Abstract Landscape
The following video shows my own work plus that of students who took my workshop.

 Friday, April 5, 6 - 9 pm, Scribble Paint
in which we use loads of different techniques for decorating papers that you can use in your collage and mixed media projects.

I hope you can make it to one of my workshops, or any of the other fabulous offerings.  Just check out the venue!
Click here for hotel web site
 You will find me in the indoor lap pool during my off hours.  After that in a hot tub and steam room.  This place offers all kinds of spa treatments and ways to relax.  Why not combine art with a relaxation retreat?  I can't wait!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Back from Tucson

I just got back from giving a talk and teaching a workshop at PaperWorks in Tucson, AZ.  PaperWorks is a non-profit organization that provides educational and creative opportunities for artists working with or on paper.  There are lots of book artists in the group, as well as collage artists.  I gave a talk called "The Power of Process" on Thursday morning, and then a workshop on Mono Print Fabric-Paper.  We used a classroom at The Drawing Studio, another fabulous arts organization, for the workshop.

Here I am giving my Power Point talk, with the projected image behind me.
Bobbie (my host on the left) and Marlene (right)
Carlanda, whose blog you can see here.
One of my demonstrations
A work in progress belonging to I'm not sure which student.  Speak up if it's yours!
Connie working on her gorgeous collage.
Me and Bobbie on our hike in Catalina State Park
A new yoga pose I'm calling "Saguaro"
As you can see, I did have a little time for recreation, so my hosts took me on a hike on Saturday afternoon.  It was SPECTACULAR!!!  Thanks so much to the members of PaperWorks and to Bobbie and Sid for hosting me. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Teaching at OMEGA

I just got a gig teaching a FIVE-DAY workshop at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, in the Hudson Valley.  YAY!  It is September 22 - 27, 2013, THIS YEAR, and I am absolutely psyched!  Omega is a retreat center that nurtures the mind-body-spirit while offering many kinds of workshops, from yoga and meditation to relationships and creative expression (that'd be me).  I am offering Expressive Collage, which will be in their upcoming catalog.  So, while I'm teaching, I can take yoga and meditation classes in the morning and evening, enjoy their hiking trails, go to presentations in the evenings, and generally have a good, relaxing time.  I hope you'll consider joining me for this workshop!  I will post reminders with more details as we get closer to the date.
More Big Fat Art

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More Big Fat Art and a few more Verticals

Just thought I would show you a few things that I'm working on now.  As you can see, I've limited the color and vocabulary, and seem to be working out a few ideas over the course of lots and lots of pieces. This is just a sampling.  These are all either 18"x24" or 19.5"x25.5". 

The 18"x24" are on my all-purpose Cheap Drawing Paper, and the slightly larger ones are on Canson drawing paper, which I've just discovered.  It holds up to a lot, but is still pretty light weight.  For the "keepers", I coat the back with matte medium.  Then the paper lies a bit flatter.  For paint, I am using Blick Matte Acrylics for black, white, and neutrals, and bits of Golden Fluid Acrylics for some colors. 

Here are a few more of the vertical pieces, all of which are 7"x22" on printmaking paper:

Drawing materials on all of the above include Pitt pens, Caran d'Ache NeoColor II crayons, and a few graphite sticks and pencils.  Nothing too fancy. 

My online classes Unlocking the Secrets of Color and Exploring the Self-Portrait are both beginning next week, and are filling up fast.  I'll open the blogs later today so people can start posting their introductions.  I love this part of online workshops!  My Extreme Composition class got so much enthusiasm that we've begun Extreme Composition 2, open only to those who took the first class.  It is more like a group discussion forum where everyone sets her own goals and everyone supports each other.  It is off to a fabulous start!  Extreme Composition will be offered again starting in April.