Monday, July 11, 2016

Works in The Works

I love keeping a lot of pieces UNfinished, in the works, in process.  These ongoing pieces allow me to just play and noodle around with visual Stuff on the surface and see what happens.  Today I took out some large-ish (19"x25") 5-minute paintings.  My idea was to just play with them a bit, and then do the exercise of using a viewfinder to find little mini-compositions within.  (This was part of developing some exercises for a workshop I'm doing at Omega next year that is geared towards those who are a little newer to art).  I did not get to the viewfinder part, but here is what happened:

Here is the original 5-minute painting with some collage added.

And then some paint applied...

And more paint applied...

And then a little bit more collage.  This is where I've left it.  Might be done, might not; I'm sure it will tell me at some point.

Below are two more that are similarly in the works, started from 19"x25" 5-minute paintings:

I have no idea where these are going, or if they will finish as 19"x25" pieces, or if I will actually get to continue the exercise of finding the compositions within.  Sometimes I just have no idea what I'm doing, so I just put some paint (or collage) on paper and the put some more paint (or collage) on paper. 

I am going to take a little break (couple of weeks, maybe more) from the blog.  I need to focus on my own work and I have a rather intense period of teaching ahead of me.  All fun, all good, but something has to give.  Thanks for visiting. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Black and White Studies - a Few Finished

Thanks for your comments on my previous post.  Here are a few of the black and white studies that, to my eye, came to conclusion.  I still have many in the works, which I'll continue to play with and see what happens.  I may begin others as well.

"Storm Coming" 12"x12"

12"x12", Untitled (so far)

"A Fine Line", 12"x12"

12"x12", Untitled (so far)

10"x10", no title yet.
All of these are available as originals.  They are acrylic and graphite on paper mounted on 3/4" wood panel.  12"x12" are $395; 10"x10" is $295.  E-mail me if you are interested in owning one.  I have them up on Fine Art America for sale as prints.  Or you can PAINT YOUR OWN!!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Black and White Studies

It is always fun to narrow down the focus for a bit, return to what feels like "basics" that turn out to be not so  basic. Working in black and white is a practice I return to periodically to re-set my sensitivity to the spectrum of values (light to dark), quality of line, depth, and other aspects of painting that are more subtle than the strong language of color.  You can view previous posts on the topic here, here, and here

I was recently introduced to the video below about Hyunmee Lee, whose work I have admired on Pinterest.  She talks about working in black and white, and then introducing just one color, and working with that for several years.  My attention span is a bit shorter than that (I'm thinking:  hours, maybe), but I loved the concept.

Hyunmee Lee: Gesture and the Flow from 15 Bytes on Vimeo.

Here are some pictures of my studies.  I began fourteen pieces, all 12"x12" except for two of them, which are 10"x10"  I actually gessoed over old work-in-progress that was getting stale (I've never done that before!), so some of the previous painting comes through as texture.

Here are six after only one or two passes.

This was one that spoke to me in its simplicity.

This is after one or two passes with paint, etc....
And then I turned the above piece upside down and painted over more of it.

I think this is the 10"x10" piece that is in the bottom row, middle, of the first photo.

Will keep working on this one....

Definitely need to push back more elements on this one. 

This one may be close to done.  I'll let it rest for a while.
 I love the process of exploring the nuances of veil, gray scale, and breathing room.  I find I am generally putting stuff down on the paper, lifting with cheap drawing paper or a brayer, making marks in graphite and crayon, or scratching through paint with a nail; and then when everything is dry I paint over, paint over, paint over in thin layers of white paint (veils of fog, as I think of them).  I do only one or two things to each piece at a time, not letting myself go so far as to get stuck or even ask what happens next.  Just do one or two things, and move on to the next piece.  It's refreshing.  No pressure to finish anything.  And yet, I think that some of them will come to be finished pieces.  I just have to not rush to get there.

Some of my black and white originals are available on my gallery site.  More are available as prints here and here.