Monday, January 14, 2013

Back from Tucson

I just got back from giving a talk and teaching a workshop at PaperWorks in Tucson, AZ.  PaperWorks is a non-profit organization that provides educational and creative opportunities for artists working with or on paper.  There are lots of book artists in the group, as well as collage artists.  I gave a talk called "The Power of Process" on Thursday morning, and then a workshop on Mono Print Fabric-Paper.  We used a classroom at The Drawing Studio, another fabulous arts organization, for the workshop.

Here I am giving my Power Point talk, with the projected image behind me.
Bobbie (my host on the left) and Marlene (right)
Carlanda, whose blog you can see here.
One of my demonstrations
A work in progress belonging to I'm not sure which student.  Speak up if it's yours!
Connie working on her gorgeous collage.
Me and Bobbie on our hike in Catalina State Park
A new yoga pose I'm calling "Saguaro"
As you can see, I did have a little time for recreation, so my hosts took me on a hike on Saturday afternoon.  It was SPECTACULAR!!!  Thanks so much to the members of PaperWorks and to Bobbie and Sid for hosting me. 

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