Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Notes from the studio in March

Just wanted to show you what I've been doing in my studio.  I'm starting with making marks in graphite and sometimes ink, and then painting over them using various techniques and tools.  These are all "starts", works in progress.  They are all 20"x20".


2  In this one I used the deli paper transfer technique I showed you in an earlier post.


4 In this one I used some of the scraping technique shown here.

5 This one might be done.

6 This one might be done too, but I'm going to wreck it anyway.
The following three are drawings similar to the above, but painted over in oils.  See my previous post on this, which lists materials and sources.
This one is definitely still in procress.

Also, definitely still in process

Another in process

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Jane, it's such a pleasure to see what you are working on in your studio. I'm intrigued by the sense of depth I experience in several of your pieces, especially 3, 5, and 6. Several other pieces also look more three-dimensional than I would expect, for example, the last piece posted above. Is it just me? Thanks for the opportunity to visit. Gerrie

  2. Her pieces have the most wonderful, veiled, atmospheric sense to them. I just love looking at her work (and watching her work!).

  3. GREAT mark-making. I love the 'journey' you take with each piece.

  4. Jane....I truly, truly love your work!! I hate that I missed your current sketchbook online class...sigh....Your work and blog and always so inspiring!

  5. Jane, you continually to amaze me with your wide ranging talent. I don't think I've ever encountered a modern day artist who exhibits such variety that seems to grow from one style to another to another. While there is similarity with each new offering, they are changed in many ways so that they all seem very original and new. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Lorraine Layne

  6. Jane, when you are working in oils, and making lines that are drawn, are you using oil sticks or what? I am referring to the last three above. It doesn't look like you used a brush, and so I am guessing it is some sort of drawing stick. Please solve this mystery for me,

    1. Hi Melody. I'm using oil sticks (see previous post for sources - link in this post), and oil pastels.


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