Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Big Fat Art on Whidbey Island

Just a quick post to give you a little window into what we're doing in Big Fat Art at the Pacific Northwest Art School.  I a fabulous group of pretty experienced artists, including several very accomplished textile artists:  Liz Axford, Barbara Napom, Cher Cartwright, and Jarina Moss.  You may be familiar with them already, but if not, check out their sites.

The following are all works in progress from weird angles (my bad photography).

Love the pattern on the left overlapping the big tomato colored shape.

This is a pile of pieces.

There are two spaces left in my Big Fat Art workshop at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach.  And five spaces left in Art Therapy for your Inner Critic, which Cher suggested we call "Silent Retreat for Your Inner Critic".  The gist is similar to Big Fat Art, but the exercises are a bit different.  Same message, different medium.  All FUN! 


  1. Every time I see pix from Big Fat Art class I get more and more excited... I'll be at Art & Soul in VA Beach... can't wait.

    1. I'll see you there, Ellen Vargo. I can hardly wait either!


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