Wednesday, September 24, 2014

6"x6" @ $66

North Country Studio Workshops is holding a fundraiser that consists of over 100 pieces of donated art, all 6"x6", on sale for $66 a piece.  I've written about my experiences at NCSW here, here, and here.  They hold five-day intensive workshops in January, every second year.  They get FABULOUS faculty, and the students are largely professional or serious amateur artists trying a new medium.  Most of the workshops are in craft media - ceramics, fiber, book arts, etc. - and there is usually a drawing workshop and one in photography as well.  January of 2016 is the next offering, and I will definitely be attending. 

Here are three pieces done in this layering-and-scratching-through technique that I love.  Two of them are in the NCSW fundraiser sale.  Part of the fundraiser is that the artist buys the 6"x6" panels for $5 each.  I only bought two; wish I'd gotten three. 

This is the one I did not donate, because I only had two panels.

All three of these start with two coats of intense Pyrrole Red paint. Then I layer neutrals and a bit of color over that, and scrape through.  We do these techniques in several of my workshops.
Apparently there will be a link to the 6"x6" show on October 6th, so I will share that with you at that time.  Meanwhile, check out NCSW


  1. $5 !!!!!! Who wouldn't buy a 6" x 6" ! I am always a fan of your work.

  2. I love your art and your constant reinventing the way you experiment and generous sharing
    of your evolving processes.


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