Monday, October 6, 2014

Pictures from Virginia Beach

First, though, here is the link to see the 6"x6" pieces displayed by North Country Studio Workshops.  These pieces are available for $66 each, and many are already sold! See my previous post to view the pieces I donated.  They are both sold.  (YES!!!).

OK, I was teaching at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach last week, where I had a great time connecting with lots of enthusiastic artists.  Here are a few pictures:

Getting ready for gel plate printing

A piece in progress from Masks and Stencils

My piece in progress from Masks and Stencils

From "Art Therapy for your Inner Critic", using colors we don't like

Another version of the above

More from the Inner Critic

Some Big Fat Art (18"x24")

The rest of the photos are from Big Fat Art, one of my favorite classes, and practices.

I love all the layering and juxtaposition of contrasting marks that were achieved in Big Fat Art and other classes.  My next Art and Soul adventure is in March in Portland, Oregon.  I will be teaching:

Big Fat Art
Expressive Mark Making
Stencils and Masks
Layers and Textures
Balancing Opposites: The Yin and Yang of Abstract Composition
Working in Series

See all my workshops here.  See all workshops here.

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