Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Workshop for the Book Arts Roundtable

I taught a workshop for the Book Arts Roundtable of South Orange, NJ, last week.  It is a group of highly accomplished and talented book artists, most of whom do some other artforms as well.  Printmaking, painting, fiber arts, etc.  Take a look at the gallery on their website for some real eye candy.  Meanwhile here is some student work (which I post anonymously) and a few of the classroom:

Isn't this a great space!  It is at The Baird, which is a fabulous community center in South Orange.

This is me with Benita, who has taken several online workshops with me.  This was our first in-person meeting.

The project we were working on, which theses image represent, was creating abstract compositions in which we pay particular attention to contrasting busy areas with quiet space.  I do this in a number of different workshops, as it presents in interesting lens on composition plus lots of opportunity to teach techniques and compositional phenomena.  How do you create quiet space that is not  boring?  How do you draw the eye to a particular area of a piece?

I am available for this kind of private workshop:  you get the people, the space, and take care of administration; I show up and teach, and you pay me on a per-day plus expenses basis (not per-student).  We can tailor the workshop to your group's needs.  Let me know if you have a group that is interested.


  1. Jane, what a wonderful two days we had with you. Most of us in the class have or are presently taking a class online with you, so to have you here and now was really special. There are requests to have you back in 2015. There's lots to explore!
    Continue to inspire and encourage.
    All the best to you,

  2. Lots of great stuff happening here.


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