Monday, February 27, 2017

Series of Texture Studies

I've been looking at visual texture, which is to say "implied" texture, or very shallow physical texture that is enhanced by paint.  Here is a series of studies that explore texture against flat color and line work.  The translucent paints, like the Quinacridone Gold I've used here, are great for getting texture.  Opaque colors like the white an bits of turquoise (not sure how I mixed that) are good for flat areas.  These are all 10"x10" (20x20cm), acrylic on paper.

Texture Study #1

Texture Study #2

Texture Study #4

Texture Study #6

Texture Study #7
Detail of Texture Study #7 above.  You can see that just the brush strokes of the previous layer offer a great opportunity for texture.  This is simply black paint applied to the surface, then wiped away.
Working in series like this is a great way to explore different options within a focused area.  I am teaching Series As Process, in which we take this approach, at Madeline Island School of the Arts in July.  Take a look here, and register soon, as there are only a few spaces available.


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  2. Jane: Wow, Beautiful paintings! I love Study#1 - the small black shape defines/anchors the relationship between the Turquoise and Quin Gold. It keeps the balance between the two. Well done! When you teach "Series as a Process" online, please let me know and reserve a space for me. Thank YOU :-)

  3. Thanks for posting this. I very nice way to create subtle texture. I see a series in my future!

  4. Lovely visual messages! I love #4 especially! From now on I will be a follower. Ej

  5. yes my book arrived today,so happy with thank you Jane


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