Thursday, February 21, 2019

Collage with Gel Printed and Painted Papers

This post follows the one on gel printed papers. The video shows me demonstrating the first part of a collage. I include my thoughts as I work, as many of you have said you find that helpful in understanding my approach to composition. This IS about composition; I make choices about where to put what by going one step at a time and focusing on a small bit of the piece, not by stepping back every five seconds to look at the whole. I will post Part 2 over the weekend. 

There is a part in this video where I consider choosing papers that "I like", and then say "I never do that". Generally I begin by choosing a variety of papers, VARIETY being my main concept. This means papers that are more or less solid color, some that are patterned or have type or texture, some in bright colors and some in neutrals, etc. For this collage I DID start with a few that I like, and the chose the rest based on getting some variety.


  1. It's interesting that you don't plan, you just start gluing! Brave. Thanks for sharing this and your thoughts.

  2. Very nice Jane! I just received your book Collage With Color and will enjoy it I am sure!! Looking forward to Part 2!

  3. Dear Jane, Thank you soo much for this video. I am lokking forward to the next one and to see how you will continue.


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