Thursday, February 28, 2019

Collage Challenge #1 Winners

Thank you so much for participating in Collage Challenge #1! I got so many envelopes of collage papers it was a challenge in itself to choose the "winners".  My choices were based on the requirement of variety, first. That narrowed it down a little. Then I had to see which collections of papers spoke to me, which ones I could work with.

Here are the winning collages, which I will send out to the people who sent me these packets of collage papers. There were many many more that were in the running.

Collage for Carol

Collage for Loren

Collage for Peggy

I have been regrouping the collage papers and sending out packets to people on request. All you have to do is send me a self-addressed stamped envelope (if you are in the US), or a self-addressed envelope without postage (if you are outside the US). I find it is as much fun to choose and send a collection of papers as it is to receive them!  Jane Davies, Collage Paper Request, PO Box 45, Rupert, VT  05768.

Here are a few envelopes that showed up in my mail box, beautifully embellished:

This is a scan of six different envelopes.

And another six. There were many more with awesome exterior art on them! THANK YOU!
Collage Challenge #2 will be posted tomorrow, March 1.


  1. What fun and i love that folks are helping to SOBM = Stamp Out Boring Mail!
    And mahalo for the print out calendar of your inspiring collages as i am using it for my in/out snail mailings!!! Imagine!

  2. Lucky senders. It's still on my to do list! ;op
    I will send a "sase: soon, I think?

  3. Great collages! Congratulations to the winners...

  4. I sent mine late but you can enjoy the extra bits. These are great!

  5. I guess mine didn't get there in time but I hope you like the papers I sent Jane!

  6. Inspiring as ever! Love the imagination, energy and community!

  7. Great fun! And thanks for organizing it, Jane!!

  8. Well, THANKS to ALL of you who have participated or checked in on the blog posts about this challenge. It is SO fun to receive the papers! But equally fun to send out little packets of them, differently arranged.

  9. Loved this - so fun. Thanks for the inspiration!


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