Friday, September 11, 2015

You Can Own One Of These

Yup. That's right. Just e-mail me to indicate which one you want (middle row, third from left, for example), and I'll have the Moore Free Library hold it for you.  The pieces are $250 each, and some of that goes to support the library.  I'll ship it at the end of September.

See a slide show of individual pieces here (or click on Slideshow above).

OR.... you can make your own!  It's really fun.  Make yourself a big stash of patterned papers - make sure to include patterns of all different scales, colors, degrees of contrast, etc.  I use Cheap Drawing Paper for the collage papers (see My Favorite Materials).  Cut some printmaking or watercolor paper (see My Favorite Materials) to 8.25"x8.25", and start making stuff.  Work on a few at a time.  Don't plan them out, just let one move inform the next and follow your intuition.

Choose the ones you like, the ones you want to display, and mount them to wood panel.  Choose your hanging mechanism, and hang them in a grid.


  1. Jane,
    Do you finish them with a protective top cover at all?

    1. Oh, yeah I do. I use a satin varnish from Golden, two coats.

    2. Jane, you are such an inspiration--and SO generous to suggest we can try these ourselves! I love your work!

  2. what a fantastic wall display Jane!! You have such a great eye not only for color and composition but also for pacing a series of pieces to look cohesive .Love this!

  3. Wish I could buy one but I'm saving my pennies so I can take your workshop in Traverse City next summer. Love all of them and they do make a great display.

  4. Such intuitive works shows your spirit Jane!! love these!!


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