Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meet Jacqueline Davis, my Virtual Assistant

Those of you who have been in my online classes over the last several months are likely to be aware that Jacqueline Davis, of Virtually Here, is now helping me out with administration.  Jacqui now sets up and helps me manage the blogs, manages all my e-mail lists, updates my web site, helps with social media, makes my travel arrangements, and so much more.  AND she has a team of experts in related fields - web design, marketing, graphic design, and so forth - for when I need special projects done.  Now I can focus on the things that matter to me:  making art, teaching, and having a little time for my home life and chickens (the chickens are not happy with that order of priority!)

Jacqueline Davis, of Virtually Here

So, if you e-mail me with a question you may get an answer from Jacqui.  The e-mail still comes to me, and I read everything.  If YOU could use a little help with your home-based business, or any business, or even use a personal assistant, I can highly recommend Jacqui.  I haven't actually met her in person yet (I will soon, though)!  But doesn't she look great?

Please comment to say hi to Jacqui, and you can bombard her with fan-e-mail too if you like.


  1. Thank you Jane! Your are wonderful to work for and your students are fabulous and amaze me me every day!

    1. Hello Jacqui!! Thank you for being there for Jane in such a reliable way so she can focus on her ART priorities!! You helped me register for an online class last spring and will do so again in the future, I'm sure. Best wishes!!

  2. I reckon we all wish we had a 'Jacqui'. Not just for art-related stuff either. Well done!

  3. Jane, I've heard of this idea....and looks like it will be a welcome change and Jacqui Great job!

  4. Hi Jacqui, nice to meet you. I haven't registered for an on-line class yet but look forward to her coming to Traverse City next summer. I plan to be there.

  5. Good for you Jane! And welcome on board Jacqui!

  6. I'm so jealous. I find all that stuff so difficult to get too. Hello Jacqui- another Jacqui(spelt that way) in the World!

  7. Hi Jacqui, we heard great things about you in the workshop!


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