Monday, September 21, 2015

New Wonky Grids

I was teaching at Dillman's Bay Resort last week, and I have a LOAD of pictures of fabulous student work. I'll post a slide show of them later this week.  Meanwhile, let me show off a few pieces that I got to do.  And I'll post a few pieces of student work just as a teaser.  This was a fabulous group in an idyllic setting.  Can't get better than northern Wisconsin in the fall.

The Setting

Paddling on lunch break

The following are all 8"x8"
Something About Being On A Lake, 8"x8"
A Little Extra "Wonk"

Pink Lifesavers

Turquoise Lifesavers

Scribbles in the Fog

The Assignment, Straight Up:  Contrasting Scale of Pattern

And for a few gems of the student work:

Stay tuned... there's more.


  1. So Happy you had a great time there...and the work is Wonderfully Wonky for sure...

  2. I am just one state over... Jane your work just thrills me- These are nothing short of stunning

  3. THANKS, everyone! We had so much fun.

  4. these are so wonderful Jane! I can see how your surroundings inspired your colorful compositions:)

  5. Great venue!...and great work by all.

  6. These are really great. I'm seeing contemporary art quilts. Have to think about that one!


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