Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Student Work from Dillman's

As promised in my last post, here are few more pictures from the Dillman's workshop. 

Here are a few more pix of student work, as a teaser:

Please suggest a caption...

I invited one of the students, Feng Biddle, to demonstrate a beautiful technique she created to make gorgeous lines.


  1. "Oops...what do I do now?"...haha....as if you wouldn't know. Your influence is obvious in the students' work. Great stuff.

  2. Could you share Feng's "line technique" with the rest of us?

  3. "It needs a little wonk...but where?"

  4. Looks like you're saying, "I put all this out for a reason, now what was I thinking...?" ha ha Good stuff, all around.

  5. Looks like you may be saying "now what can I say about this!'


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