Monday, September 28, 2015

Stacking, or Layering

I've been playing with the idea of stacking marks or lines from the paper (or other substrate) up, one on top of the next.  I think of the elements of a painting in terms of their relationships in space, and that space is both lateral (on the same plane), and three-dimensional (depth).  I like seeing shapes, marks, lines, etc., stacked, in a kind of shallow space, as in the work of Heather Day, Sander Steins, and Lee Kaloidis, and many other artists.

 The following are all studies, just playing around with the idea:

These first four are about 10"x10"

The rest are about 6"x8".

I don't know where this exploration will go, or if it will go anywhere.  In these I'm just seeing what kind of vocabulary of marks develops, or if something starts to happen.


  1. That third one down is great. It really looks like that last white layer is floating and casting a shadow on the layers below.

  2. These are beautiful. Such depth!!!!

  3. Love the last one; especially with my head turned 90 degrees....lengthwise with the foggy white on the bottom, if that makes sense. I see a landscape, just awesome.

  4. Here is one by Gunther Forg -

  5. Here is one by Gunther Forg -

  6. Courage, courage, courage. This takes sooo much courage! When I watch your videos, I'll see your piece as perfect,mfinished, and audibly I'll say...Nooooooo, when you cover it up...and then These happen. I know all about taking chances...its just like diving off of a diving board with a blindfold on :) Laura

  7. Beautiful works! I am glad & proud to see you use my works as inspiration. I wish you all a creative and nice week!
    Sander Steins -

    1. Hey, THANKS! Thanks for the continued inspiration.


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