Friday, April 8, 2011

Hand Drawings

For this Friday Drawing Practice I wanted to find a way to combine contour and gesture drawing techniques. I was going to set up a still life and draw it in various styles, but couldn't find objects that inspired me, just the same old jars of brushes and paint bottles that fill every available surface... So we're drawing hands this week. This is a real branching out for me, as I have never drawn my own hands before.

Here is my first attempt:

I am left-handed, mostly, so I drew my right hand.

I thought the hand might be more interesting if it were holding something, so I gave that a try:

For someone who was starting to feel somewhat competent drawing, I sure was feeling out on a limb with this exercise!

So why not take it a bit further and try drawing with my non-drawing hand?

Not a whole lot different from the one done in my drawing hand. But I was having fun now, and decided to do it again, this time bringing in a bit of gesture drawing from the last drawing practice session.

Here I'm holding the brayer in my right hand, drawing with my left:

And holding it with my left, at a different angle, drawing with my right:

This week's drawing practice became less about combining contour and gesture, and more about switching hands and drawing something new. This is one I definitely want to practice! Thanks for visiting.


  1. i need to do this...drawing seems to get put on the back burner for me...thanks for the inspiration....i think your hands are great...

  2. You did great! I'm not sure I could do my hands that well.

    Have a nice weekend

  3. Yes, drawing would definitely be going out on a limb for me. That is something that i do not feel competent at. I think your drawings look great. You have inspired me to practice a bit.

  4. My grandfather was a very accomplished professional artist, who always said the hardest thing to draw was the human hand. Knowing that, I have always avoided the subject at all cost! But once again, you have inspired me to TRY and I thank you for that. The fact that you are ambidextrous and so successful at "blind" drawing is rather intimidating, but I will try. Sure do love this blog!

  5. Um.. Jane.. you are pretty darn good here. I would say you are quite competent. Me, on the other hand, will have to practice to catch up with you.


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