Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Book Release!

Today is the official release date of my new book, Adventures in Mixed Media. Thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered it from Amazon, or otherwise bought a copy. I invite comments, questions, feedback of any sort via e-mail, Amazon (or other book seller) reviews, or comments on my blog.

Adventures in Mixed Media is a book of projects and techniques, with lots of side bars on creative process Here is a little teaser video on my "fusion fabric process, described in Chapter Four of Adventures.

I am grateful to the many artists who contributed their work to this book, including Sue Bleiweiss of Sketchbook Challenge fame, Elissa Campbell, Ingrid Dijkers, Pamela Hastings, Autumn Hathaway, Sherrill Kahn, Carol Owen, and Dawne Polis.

Enjoy the video, check out the contributors' web sites, and, as always, THANKS FOR VISITING!


  1. Thanks for the demo. That is sure a neat way to adhere items in a collage. I can see the many possibilities.
    Mary Ann

  2. Congratulations on the book release - I've pre-ordered it of course, though it will be a while before it is available from Amazon over here. All the more tantalising.

  3. I've made paper fabric before but have not tried fusing the two! I'm very excited to play with this technique! Now to go make scribble and patterned papers in the hopes of adding them to my fabric. Thank you for the tutorial. Your book is on my summer reading list. That's when I have time off to read and play with new techniques! Thanks again. I love this and frankly orange is my least favorite color. I've been courting it and seeking it out to make my blues wonderfully bright and to learn it's warmth and cheerful attributes. Slowing it's coming into my work more and more. When I was a kid the orange crayons were always then longest, still whole and unbroken.

  4. Hi Jane... I enjoyed the video and your book is on my Amazon wish list... And how did I not know about tulle with glitter???


  5. love your papers. what is the gold foil paper that you used and where can it be found?

  6. Congratulations! Got my book last week, Jane. It looks great, and I plan to have a Mixed Media adventure with it this summer! Come visit me and see our new studio. XO


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