Saturday, April 9, 2011

My New Online Workshop

OK, I know, I've blabbed about this before, but now I have a little video to show you what we will be doing in Unlocking The Secrets of Color, and online workshop starting May 4. Six sessions of color color color with paint and collage! This is the first in a series of online workshops I'll be offering over the next several months.

Got to my web site to read the official description. Don't forget to read the online workshop policies. Here are a few examples of the projects from Unlocking the Secrets of Color.

A color grid using only pure colors from the color wheel:

A "color collage" exploring red:

A collage-painting in a complimentary color scheme:

And a collage-paint study exploring the gradations between two complimentary colors:

  • Six lessons in pdf format, e-mailed once a week, which you can keep for future reference
  • Seven demonstration videos
  • An online forum for participants to share their work, ask and respond to questions, and get individual instruction from me
  • A whole new understanding of color!


  1. I must say, your art is amazing and I just had the pleasure of reviewing your "Adventures In Mixed Media" book. My review will post tomorrow :)

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