Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Monoprint Collage At Pacific Northwest Art School

Here are a few pictures from the Monoprint Collage class at Pacific Northwest Art School in Coupeville, WA, on Whidbey Island.  In September I'll be back doing my Big Fat Art workshop, which is full, but you can get on the wait list.

Lucie's Works In Progress.  See her BLOG POST about this workshop.

Anca - one of MANY

Another of Anca's many pieces.

BJ's stripes.  These were a continuation of work BJ did in the Abstract Painting class, in which we used stripes as a format for exploring Series work.

One of Deborah's grid-based compositions.

Lucie's work table

One of Marilyn's grid-based pieces, in progress

Melanie's work table

One of Susan's grid-based monoprint collages

Another of Susan's

One of M's stacked shapes.

Another of M's pieces

One of Michelle's Vessel Series in progress
The theme of the four-day Abstract Painting workshop was "Series as Process".  This theme segued nicely into the two-day Monoprint Collage class.  The technique naturally lends itself to series work.

I was thinking that next year at PNWAS,  the four-day workshop, starting on May 31, could be "Gel Plate Monoprint: Series as Starting Point", and the two-day might be a workshop on using Yupo with India ink and mixed media.  Your thoughts?

My next workshop this year is at the Omega Institute, the week of July 6 - 11.  Register here, see more information here.  See a video here.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. I love these so, so much! Would you consider doing a DVD or online class on your monoprinting techniques? I would buy it in a heartbeat!

    1. There is SO MUCH free stuff online about monoprinting with the gel plate. The techniques you can easily get from videos posted on the Gelli Arts blog and elsewhere (just search YouTube!) Making art, however, is something else. In my online workshops I don't like to focus on a particular technique, but I will consider using the gel plate as ONE of the techniques in a future online class. Thanks for your interest!

    2. Thanks, Jane. Glad to hear it. I can't get enough of your Scribble Collage DVD and hope to take an online class from you soon!

  2. I've been playing with my Gelli Plate for a few weeks and would love to take a class with you so I can actually build upon the prints I'm (haphazardly) making now. Next May would be great!

  3. Thank you Jane, that was such a great class! And I really like your ideas for your May workshops too! I just love taking the ferry to art school, how much better does it get really?

  4. Wow, such gorgeous inspiring work :)


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