Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Winner!

Thanks to all of you who have commented on my Open Acrylics post and giveaway.  First, I want to address some questions that came up:
  • Yes, the Opens are great for use with the gel plate.  See this post for a demo.  They are also fabulous for dry climates.
  • Yes, I use the High Flow Acrylics too.  See this post for a demo.
  • Here is a tip from Joanne S that I thought I'd share:  "this little hint for keeping the paint out of the neck of the tube and cap for easy opening the next time you need it. After you squeeze some paint on the palette, stand the tube upright and tap it a few times on the table top. All the paint will settle down in the tube and won't backfill into the cap so no more stuck caps if a tube has to sit a while."
  • Exactly how long do the Opens take to dry? How long is "forever"?  Depends on the humidity.  Test it in your studio. Golden recommends an application no thicker than a dime.
  • Colleen:  YES, I will come to California to teach as soon as someone invites me.  Anyone out there:  please suggest any CA venues you think might be a good fit.  Ditto Dallas.
  • The Van Dyke Brown is straight up paint, not a glaze and not mixed with any medium.
  • I'm not really ambidextrous.  Only with some kinds of marks.  I write with my left, and do most other things with my right (slice bread, throw, hammer, lift, etc.).  In painting and drawing it seems natural to use both the fine motor skill (left) and broad sweeping gestures (right).
Now, the winner is.... S.J.Killian!  If you do not contact me in the next several days (I'll give you until Tuesday), then I'll pick another winner at random. Congratulations - e-mail me with your mailing address.

Now, some visuals having nothing to do with Open Acrylics.  Here a little progression of on of a group of piece I'm working on.  They are all 19.5" x 25.5", or Big Fat Art size.

This is many layers in, but still just a beginning.

A few layers more found the piece here.

This piece seemed to call for covering up more and more color.

See what I mean?  And since this photo, I've painted over even more.

I'll post more of these sequences in a few days.  Maybe even some finished pieces.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Your work is fascinating. So many layers which give such great depth to the finished piece. Thanks for the tips re: the open acrylics. I want to start experimenting with actual painting!

  2. Hi Jane, I'm a big fan of your blog. I really absorb your video's and love to see your step by steps. They inspire me and make me start my own attempts. What I understand but is really disappointing, is the fact that, since I live in Europe, I can't enter your give aways.
    If I was allowed to enter and in the slim chance I would win, it would be no problem at all to pay for shipping myself. Most of the time the value of the goodies exceeds the shipping costs. Is this something you can consider? Love to hear from you. With warm greetings, Sofia Gaal

    1. Thanks, Sofia! I will look into shipping costs for Europe and Australia in particular, and open the next giveaway to international entries. I've asked Golden if there is a way I can purchase products and have them shipped from their international distributors. Or maybe I'll just make the next giveaway something very light weight! Thanks for weighing in. And thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Although I can't resit printmaking...I am excited to do some straight painting! I just got my High Fluid acrylic set from Golden & am anxious to experiment...Have to track down that fine tip applicator you were using in the demo!!
    Just back form
    AZ where my sister is very sick, but have lots of energy to do some studio work!
    HOpe you are enjoying your summer!!!
    Lyna Lou


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