Thursday, May 8, 2014

More Pix From Whidbey Island

 Here are a few more pictures from my Abstract Painting workshop at Pacific Northwest Art School in Coupeville, WA.  The focus of the workshops was "Series as Process"; we started out with the common idea of stripes, and then diverged into our own individual themes.  Below is a little sampling of student work.  Tomorrow we start a two day Monoprint Collage workshop, using the GelliArts gel plate.  Fun fun FUN!  Coupeville is an AWESOME place to teach!  Great space, great students, and fabulous location.



  1. Looks wonderful; I am feeling inspired!

  2. Yes, it does look great! So many beautiful paintings - you must be a fantastic teacher! Would love to join a Europe!

  3. love all this inspires me!


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