Sunday, March 16, 2014

Reclaim Your Creative Freedom

My workshop this year at The Omega Institute is called "Reclaim Your Creative Freedom:  Expressive Abstract Painting and Collage".  Long name, but it fits the workshop, which just recently opened for registration.  July 6 - 11 are the dates.  See my own web page about it here, as it has a little more information.  As with all my longer workshops this year (Whidbey Island, Santa Fe, Whidbey Island again), we will emphasize working in series, and focusing on process.

Collage Journeys, 2013
Ashley Working

Emily Working

Me demonstrating at Collage Journeys 2013

Trying to be taller at Omega, 2013


  1. 'NICE looking class! All the best to everyone...Looks fun!

  2. As always a riveting video. Looks easy....but....

  3. Looks like such an awesome workshop!!

  4. I love watching your videos-what a fascinating process and so many layers-thanks for sharing Jane!

  5. sounds wonderful -- wish I could join in --

  6. Sigh...... If only I had more money or lived more near by........

    Greetings from The Netherlands

  7. I love Jane's workshop at Omega Institute. Omega is a special place for creative endeavors and relaxation of the mind. The space we were in for Jane's workshop is fabulously clean and spacious. The Omega staff are friendly and happy people, and food is great - organic veggies and healthy. There are lots of free activities to enjoy, i.e.: Yoga, QiGong-TaiChi, and meditation, or simply relaxing by the lake or canoeing... Hmm - I'm talking myself into signing up for Jane's July workshop @ Omega...