Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More News Coverage

Here is an article in the Rutland Herald about our Postcard Project!  THANKS AGAIN to all of you who are sending such fabulous cards!  It is making an impact.  Keep 'em coming, and I will keep scanning and postingSharon Gorberg from MA is quoted in the article, as is Jo Murry from Australia, both of whom have been loyal blog readers.  Please visit their blogs and see their gorgeous work.  Jo Murry is NOT a guy.  I don't know why the reporter quoted her as "he".  Sorry Jo. 

This from my Uncle Fred and Aunt Amelia in Portland, OR.  Thanks F&A!
Another beautiful rendition of our PO by Penny Leibowits from FL


  1. Thanks for putting the paper in touch with me. Pity they got my gender wrong, but it's all good.

  2. great newspaper article. Thanks Jo and Sharon for your comments. patq

  3. Whoa Jane, had no idea I had been quoted in the article. How exciting on all fronts.
    All of this was a blast and I hope it does eventually have an effect on the outcome of the PO.

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