Friday, March 29, 2013

Fresh Paint Friday #3

Another episode of Fresh Paint Friday!  This piece was inspired by another of my 4"x4" Teeny Tiny Art pieces, and I was surprised at how much it actually looks like the original.  When I take inspiration from a finished piece, the new piece usually ends up quite different.  Here is the 4"x4":

And here is the video, with James Hill on the ukulele.  (I am DYING to take a ukulele lesson with him!)


And here is the final piece:

Fresh Paint #3
Fresh Paint #3 is available for purchase here.  You can buy the original or choose from many different print sizes, materials, and framing options.  Thanks for visiting.

Don't forget Monday's drawing of the Giveaway!


  1. Love your Fresh Paint Fridays Jane!! The music was great too!!

  2. WHAT Giveaway? And how do I sign up for it?? LOVE all your collage paintings! I love your process too.
    Grandma Nancy Sapp

  3. Your art is so cool!! I was wondering, what is in the eyedropper that you squiggle around and then lifts the paint off? The effect is really interesting!

  4. Great colors! Looks like a masterpiece to me!
    Love give-a-ways!

  5. I absolutely love your Friday painting videos, and look forward to them each week. You are so inspiring, and I love your abstract style!

  6. Always enjoy watching you create. What were the "crayons" you used..pastel?

    1. Thanks. I am using Caran d'Ache neocolor II. They are water soluble crayons.

  7. Stunning results, I like all the different techniques you employed. I'm going to try the water lifting techniques. Very satisfying with little effort it looks like.

  8. Love this, but that's nothing new! Love all your art!Thanks for the giveaway chance!


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