Monday, March 4, 2013

Buy Prints and Originals

I have just partnered with Fine Art America, a print-on-demand site, where I am now offering my work for sale as prints (choose your size, material, framing, etc.) and originals.  At this point I've posted my 4"x4" pieces, which you can buy as 8"x8" prints, or 10"x10" prints (they don't offer prints less than 8"x8").  You can buy the originals, your choice, for $42, or go to my 4x4x400 page and receive one as a "thank you gift" for a $25 donation to my roof project (I choose). Click on slide show to go to my page. I will be adding images and galleries periodically.
Art Prints


I have had some spam comments lately, advertising of stupid stuff. So I am moderating comments until I can figure out a better way to prevent spam. THANKS!