Friday, March 8, 2013

4"x4" Update

Thanks to all of you who are participating in the 4"x4"x400 Project!  We've got some gorgeous and diverse images posted on the flickr group.  Thanks especially to those of you who have contributed to my roof project by purchasing my 4"x4" pieces.  Here is how the roof is going:
Some of the most obvious damage

The repair in progress

Found another gaping hole under the slate...
To make a contribution of $10 (greeting cards), $25 (4'x4' original) or $60 (painted slate) go here.

In May I have a solo show at the Canfield Library in Arlington, VT.  They have a lovely gallery space and a regular schedule of month-long solo shows.  Figuring that I'll have a few 4"x4" pieces to show, I am trying to decide how to frame/display them.  Here are a couple of options:
9"x9" with floating mat

9"x9" with regular mat
I also thought I'd mount a group of sixteen 4"x4" pieces each on a 4"x4" wood panel and show them in a grid format.  Here is approximately what that would look like:

Please weigh in on the framing options, or send me suggestions.  THANKS for visiting!


  1. I am sorry that I am coming to Vermont to visit family in April instead of May and won't get to see your exhibit.

    I like the floating frame and the wood pannels for grouping in a grid.

    I feel for you with your roof. We have to pull off our house roof this Spring to find where the leeks have been coming from. We only had this house built 13 years ago and have had trouble each of those years. Patch, repair...
    Now I hope it gets done right. But the expense to do it and the amount we have spent on it over the years is annoying.
    Good thing interest rates are so low in Canada right now.

    You will feel so much better when your roof is done.

    Jo in Niagara, Ontario

  2. Love the wood panels. I like the traditional mat. I think the white space between the image and the raised, shadowed edges of the mat distracts and also changes the proportions of the composition.

    I might try floating the image itself above a mat.

    What glorious color. This exhibit will really pop. Enjoy.

  3. I like the traditional mat and the wood panels best. All of your pieces are just wonderful! I am planning to buy one soon.

  4. Call me a traditionalist...I prefer the traditional mat!

    We had a few shingles fall off the house roof a few months ago. Eventually plaster fell in in the hallway. Too bad our landlord hired "Dumb and Dumber" to fix things. Thankfully they're gone and it's done!

  5. LOVE your 4x4 pieces. I like the floating mat on the single 4x4 frame, but I think a very thin additional black mat would really make it "pop". That's my two cents... good luck with the roof project!

  6. I love the floating format as well as the 16 x16 grid. I'm sure it will look great! Best wishes!

  7. Wow! Thanks so much for the feedback. We got three for the floating, and three for the traditional. Ha! We'll see what other comments come in.

  8. Well here's is another opinion. HA

    I like them in a grid. HOWEVER, if you want to sell or show them individually I like the floating matt. Add this is why. The floating matt gives the edges of the image some breathing room. The traditional matt is too tight for me visually.

    You could also grid them in groups of 4...?

    1. I Completely agree with Sharon here. The grid is beautiful. Can we trust you to take pics of your show?

    2. Are you KIDDING? I will facebook and blog this show to death! Consider that a warning. Thanks for your input.

  9. i like the floating Matt. and smaller groups in addition to the larger piece might be neat.
    I am getting ready for a show and trying out a new method for me .which so far I like the idea in my head.. I am mounting the pieces on top of Matt boar with the Matt board framing the piece... I like to see the rough/decal type edges. I am then placing them in frames. For odd sized pieces...this is still in my head and half way completed...... I am going to glue the mounted Matt piece on cut to size maple door skin which is mounted on 1x1 pieces which will be recessed from the edge about an inch or so, hopefully giving a floating feeling away from the wall. not sure how this will work but thought I would try it.
    Could you please share your source for the frames you are using ? I have pick up some smaller frames from Michaels, but they are usually for photos and won't take screw eyes for wire hanging which I prefer.

  10. I like the floating mat, but my favorite is the grid because you can look at each one or see the series as a whole.

  11. Thanks again for the feedback. I was thinking I'd offer them for sale individually - people can't take them until the show is down, so the grid won't be broken up. I like the idea of maybe showing groups of 4 as well as the 16... I was thinking I'd frame about 12 and then do the grid. Once I make final decisions on what else I'm showing, and place it all mentally in the gallery space, I'll figure out the 4x4's. I also have 22'x30" pieces, a LOAD of finished Big Fat Art, 19"x25" and 18"x24", and small pieces 10"x10", etc.

    I get my framing parts at Blick Art Materials.

  12. Well let me say, your colors are fabulous. I personally love the regular mat, but the grid is stunning.

  13. The grid is cool but the floating mat is my favorite for singles.

  14. I adore the floating mat and the grid gets my vote as well.

  15. I like the floating mat or the wood panels myself; the grid looks really cool! :)

  16. My first choice is the floating mat, second choice is the grid format. If you have enough 4x4 pieces left, then maybe a mixture of the two?

  17. I love the grid and I think you should do 4x4 but also 2x2 and try 3x3. Try also 2x4! I have tried it in my show (will mail you pics). I think the idea that you can buy them as single pieces should be very simple,people can pay less and frame as they wish. I sold all of mine.
    If you must frame, Ikea has small "deep" frames.
    Good luck!

  18. I like the floating mat. It makes the print look "bigger". Also love the grids but maybe a smaller format like 9 grids - 3 rows of 3. Of course a lot depends on the size of the grids. Fewer grids give the eye just a minute to move to the next one. Too many grids make "my eye" a little dizzy. Just my thoughs. And I am only one perspective.

  19. I think I prefer the floating mat for the individual pieces and I love the grid. I think the grid is a great way to display a group of smaller work. I am not sure how you would do it, but floating the pieces on a larger backing piece of mat board (no window) could also be interesting. Wish I could see the show in person. I hope you will post lots of pictures.

  20. I prefer the floating mat. I think the 4x4 grid is too much. i found my eyes wandering all over and not really seeing much. a 2x2 with similar colors/patterns would probably be easier for viewing. just my 2 cents. i really like the art.

  21. I also love the floating frame. I realize this probably makes the finished piece a bit more expensive but it's worth it. I have long made the mistake of framing my pieces too small, sans mats, and using whatever frames I made or picked up on sale or at yard sales. To see a small piece of art displayed in a larger format really allows the audience to really see the artwork without being distracted by the frame. IMHO.
    Lorraine Layne

  22. Your pieces are beautiful, Jane. You have such a great talent, and I'm glad that you are able to use it for the progress of your roof project. That's actually what I did when a great storm struck our home sometime in my youth.

    Richard Boles


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