Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Blind Scribble

Thanks for all your comments of my blind scribble drawing practice that I posted on Friday. I thought I'd share a few painting-collage-drawings that I did based on this practice. I began each in this series with a newspaper collage background, just to add some text and texture.

In this one, I followed the newspaper collage with a blind scribble in black oil pastel, then another one in a terracotta oil pastel. I painted with acrylics, being guided by the structure imposed by the collage and the scribbles. I stamped the Q's, and then went over the scribbles to give them more visual weight.

In this one I painted acrylics over the newspaper collage, and then did the blind scribble with a water-soluble graphite pencil. Next came the white crayon scribble, not blind, and watercolor in sepia and pthalo blue. I emphasized the pencil scribble with black oil pastel, then added the red in acrylic. I love that red!

Here is a page in my sketchbook in which I did two half-blind drawings of crows in water-soluble graphite pencil. By "half-blind" I mean I was looking at a picture of a crow, not at my paper, and then towards the end of the drawing I did look at my paper so that I could make a closed shape. Sort of like cheating just at the end. But this process does result in really interesting shapes!

To use these crows in a collage-painting, I first traced them both onto white Art Tissue paper (not wrapping tissue, which has a shiny side) in fine point Micron pen. Then I cut them out, roughly, and applied them to this collage-painting, PEN SIDE DOWN, using acrylic matte medium. This is an adaptation of a technique I learned from Jane LaFazio. The tissue paper practically disappears so that you are left with the drawing layered onto the collage.

Trying to incorporate drawing into my collage-paintings is an ongoing process, and doing these series of studies in my sketchbook or on small sheets of paper is immensely helpful. Thanks for visiting!

PS: I decided to change my picture in my Profile. This one is more realistic, and more recent.


  1. These exercises certainly help with freeing your work. Love the crows, and your new profile photo.

  2. Those are scribble'icious.. Love the new picture, too. Love the "melting" processwith tissue paper.. also with lace paper.. YUM!

  3. ..and your new photo shows us how bubbly and effervescent you are too Jane :) Thank you again for great ideas with fabulous helpful photos

  4. I love the 'blind' scribbles - I make those too! And drawings on collages - I love the finished piece!

  5. I love the blind scribble technique. I have done this before with life models. Very fun! the crows are great & how your have used them in the collage painting is very inspiring.

  6. I'm loving this blind scribbling. This is just great, Jane!

  7. When I concentrate on drawing, my mind tells my hand it can't draw. My mind is right, so blind drawing lets me tell it to be quiet. I really do love the scribbles on collage - and you do remarkable things with RED! I love it. Thanks.

  8. Thanks, everyone, for you comments. YES, Bonnie, that's just the ticket. Let your hand feel what it's like to draw without that pesky mind saying it can't, or that the drawing has to look a certain way. It sort of brings one back to the primal creative need to make marks. Give the Thinking a little rest.


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