Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday Drawing Practice, Drawing Through Freezer Paper

Hello, and welcome to the fourth post in the Drawing Practice Series. Today we're going to explore a kind of "gesture drawing", in which you work quickly and try to capture the gesture and volume of the object you are depicting. I chose my iron, just because it was handy.

In gesture drawing, you look at the object and at your paper, but instead of trying to capture the precise outlines or contours, you use your lines to capture more of the attitude of the object. In the following video I did speed up the gesture drawing a little, so it wouldn't take too much time, but I am definitely working quickly. I first do a drawing directly in my sketchbook. Then I draw on the back side of freezer paper that has been coated with black acrylic paint. The effect is interestingly textural.

This is the first gesture drawing:

This is the drawing on done with freezer paper:

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoy this practice.

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  1. Thanks, Jane--I've done some gesture drawing but never using the black paint/freezer paper substrate. It's very cool and gives a whole different look to the finished drawing.

  2. Jane.. I love the effect of the freezer paper method.. reminds me of an old ink drawing. What a great idea for a face too. Thanks.

  3. p.s. what is an iron? I can't remember the last time I ironed clothes.

  4. An iron is an art-making tool. Clothes? What are they?

  5. Clothes are sweatpants and sweaters and socks. Anything else is embellishment.
    Irons are art-making tools AND paperweights.
    Never understood about aprons.

  6. I LOVE this technique Jane! I have done something similar with acrylic paint and watercolor. I paint on the freezer paper then I wet my sketchbook- a misting bottle works well. Then I lay and align the painted image which is on the freezer paper and lay it directly on the clean, wet sketchbook page and brayer it on...the results are always different and fun!! Sometimes I'll use the image as the first layer of something..:)

  7. This is fascinating! The drawing actually looks like a print!!

    My favorite kind of drawing is gesture because it satisfies my need to work quickly!!! ha ha

    love this and will try this with my students sometime.
    These short tutorial are great Jane. Love hearing your voice again.

  8. This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to try it!


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