Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Scribble Paintings

 I've been scribbling a lot lately, layering marks in various materials. You can see previous posts about this work here and here.  Like many techniques, scribbling is easy. Making an interesting image with it takes some effort, careful judgement, lots of micro-decisions, and practice. Her is a video showing one way that a particular scribble painting developed. Processes vary quite a lot between individual works, but there is some consistency among those that I do in one "sitting". A sitting doesn't mean all at once, start to finish, but that I work on the group continually until they are done. I don't leave them for weeks while I work on something else. So there is a continuity of thought process.

Here are some of the pieces in this series. They are all 11"x14" on Bristol.

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  1. They are astounding and captivating in ways I can't even understand. You have inspired me to scribble! Mine look nothing like yours but I am fascinated with them...

  2. I love seeing the development of these pieces! Thanks for sharing the video.

  3. Thank you Jane... simple and elegant and lots of possibility


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