Thursday, February 2, 2023

Re-Imagining: Using Your Own Artwork for Collage

 I recently had a bunch of my paintings, drawings, and sketchbook studies printed by a local printer, to generate new collage material. I always scan my smaller work at high resolution, and my larger works I have professionally photographed, so I have high quality digital images of everything. In Adobe PhotoShop I re-sized some of the images, and then ganged them up on 11"x17" files, ready for the printer. You could do this on your own printer if you have plenty of ink.

Here are a few of the files I sent to the printer:

A few images from my sketchbook

More from the sketchbook, original and re-sized

More from sketchbook with the red pear in several sizes

Here are some paintings and studies ganged up on 11"x17" sheets:

In addition to all this new collage material, I used some found material and began playing. Take a look at this video.



I found this to be a very freeing way to play with imagery and generate fresh visual ideas.


  1. Love this idea and have thought about doing it quite often. In fact, I have photographed and printed imagery off of my hp printer. But love seeing the work printed larger. What kind of paper did you use? It seemed to have a bit of a sheen to it.

  2. I let the printer choose the paper. It seems to be a coated stock. I'm guessing it's about 60# or 70#. Glad you have tried this!

  3. I'm planning on doing this too. do you worry about having archival ink?

    1. I do not worry about archival ink. I am making studies, not even gluing them down. And if I want to use the material as collage paper, I use matte medium for adhesive and top coat, and that will last longer than I will.


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