Thursday, December 10, 2015

Some New Work

I'm having a lot of fun in my Monoprint Collage class, which is currently happening online.  Here are a few new pieces.  These are made by first printing the shapes through a stencil, then painting in the ground and other elements.  I'm trying to throw unlike things together to see what kinds of conversations they have.

These are all 10"x10", and I will mount them to wood panel.  Along with some other new work, they are now available at Jane Davies Art Gallery, in "Works on Panel".  They will also be available as prints on Fine Art America.  Stay tuned...

The ground color on the right is made from Sennelier's "Sepia".  More on color mixing in a later post.

I posted this one previously.  I think I like it the best - beginner's luck!


  1. love the vibrant colors, especially this time of year

  2. Very fun. How are you "printing the shapes through a stencil?" I was trying to figure it out......:) Thanks.

  3. FABULOUS colour...but that is your thing, and your palette recognisable. The shapes and textures work so well...really strong images. Can't wait to do this workshop next year.


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