Thursday, December 17, 2015

Progress on the 3'x3' Canvas

Still plugging away at this larger canvas.  I knew this would send me somewhere different; I started flinging paint around.  Here are a few progress shots.  First I painted over some things and added more collage...


Love those drips!
I will keep going on this, see where it ends up.  It is NOT going to be a copy of the original piece.  It is (YAY!) going to be something of its own thing. 


  1. This time of year is not an easy one for me but I set an intention each year to hold space for unexpected gifts and the sparks of light that counter the darkness. Thank you for the gift of your painting, the gift of sharing your process. Sparks light in a day that is already short on hours of daylight and is cloudy in my neck of the woods to boot.

  2. Jane, are you using fluid acrylics for the large pieces?

  3. Love your work and appreciate that you are sharing your creative knowledge with us. I hope to take some classes from you soon. Mia


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