Monday, December 21, 2015

Scaling Up - the easy way

I did two posts last week on the project of Scaling Up.  The goal was to see what happens when I try to scale up one of my paintings.  The goal isn't to accurately reproduce the piece at a larger scale.  "Scaling Up" was a starting point, am idea to work with. As you can see from the second post, it did indeed send me in a new direction.

If you (or I) really want the piece accurately reproduced, you can buy a print of it at a much larger scale on Fine Art America.  My work on Fine Art America is scanned at very high resolution so they can produce a good quality print much larger than the original.

You choose the size, up to 48"x48"/120cmx120cm for this one.

 You can also choose the material and framing style:  a matted, framed print; a simple print on paper, or have it printed on acrylic or metal.

Here it is as a matted, framed print.

THANKS for all of your comments and suggestions.  I'll keep going on this.

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