Friday, December 11, 2015

Playing with Color

I was playing with some colors that are new to me, and discovered some really great hues.  Almost every time I order paint I order a color I am unfamiliar with.  Sometimes it sits unopened in the studio for months, and sometimes I can't wait to try it.  Eventually, I get around to exploring the new colors, and always discover something surprising.

This is the first study I did in the video, using Sennelier's Sepia, Blick Matte Acrylic White, and Golden's Indian Yellow Hue fluid acrylic.
In this one I am primarily investigating Golden's Terre Verte Hue, mixing it with their Nickel Azo Yellow and some white.

This is an earlier version of the Sepia test.  I mixed it with a teeny bit of Quinacridone Gold (from Golden) in those few bits on the right.  Otherwise it's just Sepia with varying amounts of white and gray.
Here are a couple of quick tests I did with some unusual colors (for me) from Golden:  Permanent Maroon, which is relatively transparent, kind of an muted red-purple; and Violet Oxide, which looks to me like an opaque version of the same thing.  I mixed them with white, and then with one other color, as indicated. 


  1. I absolutely love the colour mixtures from the Sennelier sepia. Wonder what they call a paint that actually is sepia coloured?

    1. Golden's Van Dyke Brown is the color that I think of as Sepia. It's a transparent gorgeous brown. I use it a lot with quin. gold and violets, but I don't like it as a gray when mixed with white.

  2. Hi Jane: I was wondering if the colour on the video is closer to reality or the colour of your photos (which is more yellow, at least on my monitor). The sepia looks very much like W&N Perylene Black, which is a lovely green black. It would be interesting to see the Indian Yellow with the black and white only to compare with the one with the sepia added? Colour mixing is a delightful rabbit hole once you begin to add multiple colours! By the way, are any of these mixes approaching the beloved Celadon?


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